[help] How can I get from an array of byte sized integers to a bitmap.

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Tue Jan 29 22:20:23 UTC 2008

> I have an array of integers (all less than 255 ).
> I have a color form and a pallette for 255 colors.
> I have the number of columns and rows that the array
> represents.
> I want to create a bitmap to map the array onto its
> pallette. I'm not quite sure what the intervening
> steps are.

  This description is very vague, I have to say.

  - Is the array of integers actually an Array object?
  - The "palette" is Bitmap, yes?
  - What are the number of columns and rows?  What are inside?

> Has anyone solved this problem before?

  For example, in the OLPC image,
SugarLibrary>>imageFor:color:grayOutColor: has some obscure logic to
recolor a form.  This may be different but I have a hunch that this
may be somewhat similar.  Especially #hackBits: will be your weapon.
(Also, see Bitmap>>asByteArray, etc.)

> The application I have will essentially update the
> array over time and I wish to display it visually. I
> would like to do it in a time efficient way rather
> than pixel by pixel.
> I've looked at the options in the image and I am not
> sure which ones are right.
> Ideally once the color form is set up I should be able
> to update it just by updating the bitmap from the
> array periodically.

  BitBlt can do a lot of stuff.  I'm almost sure that you can find the
right operations on right data array type.

-- Yoshiki

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