Editing class method sources in single place

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Thu Jan 31 17:49:20 UTC 2008

On 31-Jan-08, at 9:38 AM, Friedrich Dominicus wrote:
>  In any other langauge I can write
> function a
> ...
> function b
> ....
> But I can not in Squeak I have to accept generate a new template an
> possible put the stuff in categories from which I never know which
> methods belong to which category (a bit too pointed) etc.
This turns out to be incorrect. Have another browser open. Leave the  
one with partially written code and go to this other browser.  
Investigate other methods or even start writing your 'function b'.  
Open yet another browser and do it all again.
If categories bother you just leave everything in a single category.  
You'll soon learn how helpful they can be once you have a couple of  
dozen methods in your class.

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