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Bill Schwab BSchwab at anest.ufl.edu
Fri Oct 10 03:52:35 UTC 2008


Thanks, that gives me some things to check.


Andreas Raab <andreas.raab at ...>andreas.raab at ... 

Bill Schwab wrote:
> I am trying to run a Pharo+Seaside image as a service on XP and
> ultimately win2k3, and just got it going on xp at least using the
> appraoch documented on the Wiki:
> http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/105
> I will try it on 2k3 either tonight or tomorrow.

Be advised that much of this hasn't been exercised in years (I needed it
at one point but few people have used it later).

> Recommendations point toward using svrany, but I cannot get that to
> work. Windows gives me a message along the lines of "the service
> started and then stopped" and further says that some services stop if
> they have nothing to do. Any ideas what might be going on, how I might
> debug it, etc.? If you strongly disagree with the recommendation to
> svrany, please say so. However, I am still curious about what might be
> going wrong and how to find it.

I don't know svrany so you'll have to ask someone more knowledgeable.
However, I can give you some general advice: Most importantly, try the
*EXACT* command line you are using from an obscure location and see if
that works as you expect it. You might be relying on some implicit
assumption that do not hold true when running as a service. For example,
if you are making assumptions about the startup directory either by
wanting Squeak to find an image implicitly or by using a relative path
you could be badly off. Also, access to the directory might be an issue
(I don't know if srvany allows you to specify which user to run as).
Lastly, you should try to generate a log file (using -log:) and check
that or the event viewer to see if srvany has anything to say about

Hope this helps,
- Andreas

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