[squeak-dev] leadership team meeting notes for 2008-10-15

Craig Latta craig at netjam.org
Wed Oct 15 19:02:32 UTC 2008


-    Full attendance: Bert, Craig, Edgar, Giovanni, Igor, Randal, and

-    Randal reports that the web team is running smoothly.
      Congratulations to all!

-    Craig said he's writing a Naiad (Spoon module system) design
      overview, and will post it to the squeak-dev and spoon mailing
      lists. He's been writing it for a day, and is about half done.

-    Yoshiki says he's created an EToys 4.0 image, based on Squeak 3.8,
      which is license-clean. We decided to use a similar process to
      create Squeak 4 from Squeak 3.11 (and whatever other license-clean
      changes the 3.11 release team wants to include). Yoshiki will
      consult with them about ensuring license-cleanliness. Randal will
      coordinate with the release team and report on their progress.

-    We decided in principle to have two board-appointed release teams
      working at any given moment: one producing the next release (I'll
      call it "one-ahead"), and one producing the release after that
      ("two-ahead"). We decided that Spoon is the two-ahead release now,
      or Squeak 5. Craig is leading the two-ahead team, and will add
      people to it when Naiad can support their work.

-    The next meeting will be 2008-11-19 due to schedule conflicts.

      Please send agenda suggestions to me.



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