[squeak-dev] Re: Vista / CroquetSDK-1.0.18 / how to lose the world menu in 5 seconds or less

Cameron Sanders csanders.personal at functional-analyst.com
Tue Jan 13 05:35:09 UTC 2009

Thank you Andreas, you just saved me some time! You also gave me a path out
of that situation: Alt-Shift-W. And you gave me more clues to guide my
explorations of Squeak -- thank you. So much to learn... 

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Hi Cameron -

I don't recall seeing your messages otherwise I would have responded 
earlier. The problem you are seeing comes from the fact that some of the 
preference themes enable the "eToyFriendly" mode. In this mode, the 
world menu is deliberately disabled and only accessible via Alt-Shift-W. 
  If you select such a preference theme and then disable "eToyFriendly" 
(in the "scripting" category) the world menu will be back.

   - Andreas

Cameron Sanders wrote:
> So I figured out what was causing the world menus to disappear in Croquet.
> And this is different from the unresponsive 3.10.2 images on Vista. I know
> this isn't the Croquet list, I am just adding some closure here on one of
> the issues I raised in the newbies thread.

I *suspect* I could safely provide closure to the Pharo0.1 image lock ups --
although I will do some testing with before calling the case closed -- as I
was using the Squeak 3.10.2 VM. I have the impression that should be 3.9.1
... sorry, I somehow missed the labeling... or still have.


Thanks again.

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