[squeak-dev] Mac OS X VM (Squeak 3.8.20beta1U) issue

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Thu Jan 15 19:55:11 UTC 2009

Ok, what I'm going to do here is push out a 3.8.21 later today.

I will revert to the old behaviour, however this  will have a  
info.plist flag that allows you choose the new mmap performance since
it does gain a few hundred milliseconds of time on a launch.

The new behaviour has I believe these two bugs which are show stoppers  
for general release.

(a) Save image when image is on a NFS drive, does not work. VM locks  
up, image file is truncated.
(b) Sporadic reports of image write failing when on local hard drive.

I will retain the new behaviour for the iPhone VM since the saving is  
on the order of seconds.

On 14-Jan-09, at 7:53 AM, John M McIntosh wrote:

> Ok, well I'll push out a 3.8.21b1 later today.
> On 14-Jan-09, at 7:25 AM, Alain Fischer wrote:
>> The server is Mac OS X 10.5 (Darwin Kernel Version 9.6.0)
>> On 14 janv. 09, at 16:12, John M McIntosh wrote:
>>> Ok, well it seems there is a problem with mmap and mapping files  
>>> on NFS drives under older versions of linux.
>>> So is the server involved linux?
>>> Obviously I can see a 3.8.21 series VM being generated tomorrow..

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