[squeak-dev] Re: How to read PDF files?

Franz Josef Konrad franzl at fjkonrad.de
Wed May 27 14:39:16 UTC 2009

In the same news group (comp.lang.smalltalk.dolphin) you can find this 
message from david at gorisek.com:

This is precisely what we have been doing in our on-line ERP at
http://www.e-racuni.com for the last 6 years.

For this purpose I have developed a PDF parser/generator in Smalltalk
which allows you to parse any PDF document so that you can add text
objects to it. Then you can also merge multiple PDF documents with various
forms together into a single document, and then finally you can
re-recreate PDF document and send it to the user over the web to be
printed using Adobe PDF or FoxIt Reader. If anybody is interested then
send me a private e-mail.

 > Interesting! What Smalltalk dialect?

The code is just manipulating strings and streams. So it should work
anywhere. We have it in production using Dolphin and VAST. The only
non-portable part is the ZLIB library interface but this is taken care by
our dialect abstraction layer.

Franz Josef

Louis LaBrunda schrieb:
> Hi Dan,
>> Is there code available in the Squeak universe for reading .PDF  
>> files?  In particular I wish to read a multi-page file produced by a  
>> text scanner -- ie probably compressed black-and-white images.
>> Thanks in advance
>> 	- Dan
> Recently, in a Smalltalk new group,
> Alejandro Reimondo
> aleReimondo at smalltalking dot net
> http://www.aleReimondo.com
> announced "a PDF Framework capable to parse PDF files and construct a fine
> grained object model of text (also unicode), images, lineArt, fonts, colors
> and other features of each element contained in a PDF document."
> I believe this is a product for sale.
> Lou
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> Louis LaBrunda
> Keystone Software Corp.
> SkypeMe callto://PhotonDemon
> mailto:Lou at Keystone-Software.com http://www.Keystone-Software.com

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