[squeak-dev] [ANN] First try: Fuel for Squeak

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 18:34:27 UTC 2011

> Hi Mariano,
> I loaded Fuel into my working Squeak image, which is an older image kept up
> to date with trunk via the update stream (i.e. it is "bleeding edge" with
> various additional packages loaded).
Excellent :)
Where can I get a "bleeding edge" Squeak image?

> I had to implement SystemVersion>>major and SystemVersion>>minor to
> complete
> the installation (these are Pharo idioms, so I just implemented them to
> answer 0 on Squeak).

To complete the instalation??  Can you remember why (the sender) it is
needing #mayor and #minor?
As far as I remember, it is only used by Fuel in FLBasicSerializationTest
>> expectedFailures
but that is not the installation, but running tests.

> I did not encounter the timeout problem, but if you have a long running
> test, just add a pragma like <timeout: 30> to set the timeout to 30
> seconds.
> This will increase the timeout when running on Squeak, and should not
> affect Pharo.

Thanks, I didn't know. Is there a way to run the tests in the test runner
so that it doesn't take into account such timeouts?
or can I change the global preference?  I ask so that to avoid changing
tests code (even if they would work for Pharo).

> Below are some notes that I took while running the tests. The most
> important
> issue would be the tests that fail in CompiledMethod comparison. I cannot
> say if this is a Fuel issue or just something about the way the tests are
> written, but I note significant differences in the implementation of
> CompiledMethod>>= between Squeak and Pharo, so it is definitely something
> worth checking.
That's a good point. There must be something there for sure.

> Notes on test issues in FuelTests:
> FLSequencedSerializationTest>>assertSequencedSerializationEqualityOf:
> is failing due to difference in CompiledMethod>>= between Pharo and
> Squeak. Not sure if this is a Fuel issue.
> FLBasicSerializationTest>>testGradientFillStyle fails because
> GradientFillStyle>>=
> is an identity test, whereas in Pharo it has been added from package
> '*PolyMorph-Widgets' (i.e. not part of base Pharo either).
> FLBasicSerializationTest>>testMethodDictionary fails due to compiled
> method #=
> (same issue as
> FLSequencedSerializationTest>>assertSequencedSerializationEqualityOf:)
> In FLBlockClosureSerializationTest, all tests fail with an assertion
> failure
> in MethodContext
> FLFullBasicSerializationTest>>testMethodDictionaries fails due to the
> compiled method equality check problem.
> FLMethodContextSerializationTest tests fail with assertion failure in
> MethodContext
> FLSortedCollectionSerializationTest tests fail with assertion failure
> in MethodContext
> FLCreateClassSerializationTest has errors due to DNU from
> ClassForTestToBeDeleted1 class>>basicLocalSelectors
> FLCompiledMethodSerializationTest>>testTwoCompiledMethodsReferencingSameClassVariable
> fails due to the compiled method equality check problem.
> FLCreateTraitSerializationTest>>testCreateBasic fails with DNU
> on Trait>>basicLocalSelectors
Thanks for the detailed answer. From what I can see, even if those tests
are wrong, "most cases" should work fine.


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