[squeak-dev] Using Monticello

blake dsblakewatson at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 16:23:27 UTC 2012

Separate of Seaside, I decided to try to figure out how Monticello is
supposed to work so I could then report back on what's wrong in the
Seaside Dev book and I came across this video from Ramon Leon on how
to use Monticello.


...and I get hung up in the exact same place!

1. I created a category called "AAA" and made a class called "AAA1"
with a single method "someMethod".
2. I opened the Monticello browser.
3. I added the package "AAA" to the Monticello browser.
4. I browsed the package "AAA" from the Monticello browser, which was
5. I added a repository, pointing to a local directory.
6. I clicked on "Add to package..." (argh, still seems like it should
be "add package to...")
7. The "AAA" package is not there.

Now, I subsequently checked "AAA" in the Package pane and the local
dir in the repository pane and pressed "Save". That seemed to work! So
I removed the class from the system browser, then went back to the
repository, clicked Open, saw the "AAA" category, clicked that and the
mcz file name--and it loaded just fine.

But I'm worried because step 6 doesn't make any sense to me and
doesn't seem to work for me like it does elsewhere.


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