[squeak-dev] Using Monticello

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Thu Apr 19 16:45:13 UTC 2012

On 19.04.2012, at 09:23, blake wrote:

> Separate of Seaside, I decided to try to figure out how Monticello is
> supposed to work so I could then report back on what's wrong in the
> Seaside Dev book and I came across this video from Ramon Leon on how
> to use Monticello.
> http://onsmalltalk.com/screencast-how-to-package-smalltalk-code-with-monticello
> ...and I get hung up in the exact same place!
> 1. I created a category called "AAA" and made a class called "AAA1"
> with a single method "someMethod".
> 2. I opened the Monticello browser.
> 3. I added the package "AAA" to the Monticello browser.
> 4. I browsed the package "AAA" from the Monticello browser, which was
> reassuring.
> 5. I added a repository, pointing to a local directory.
> 6. I clicked on "Add to package..." (argh, still seems like it should
> be "add package to...")

It does exactly what it says. This menu item adds the repository to the list of repositories for this package (alternatively, there is an equivalent menu item "add repository" if you right-click the package). After you did this, selecting your new package on the left-hand list will show the repo on the right.

> 7. The "AAA" package is not there.

It cannot be there because it has not been stored yet. 

> Now, I subsequently checked "AAA" in the Package pane and the local
> dir in the repository pane and pressed "Save". That seemed to work!

That's exactly how it is supposed to work.

> So I removed the class from the system browser, then went back to the
> repository, clicked Open, saw the "AAA" category, clicked that and the
> mcz file name--and it loaded just fine.
> But I'm worried because step 6 doesn't make any sense to me and
> doesn't seem to work for me like it does elsewhere.

You should just ignore that repository menu item and use the package item instead. And maybe change the seaside docs to avoid the same confusion for others.

- Bert -

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