[squeak-dev] OpenGL integerated wtih Squeak IDE

Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Fri Jan 6 06:18:35 UTC 2012

This is a very poor attempt to do what Matt Fulmer did with OpenCobalt: 
integrate overlapping Morphic windows with OpenGL.

The only advantage is that it doesn't require OpenCobalt.


The entire World is being rendered onto an OpenGL texture which is 
updated with every tick. With the proper scaling , the destop could be 
repositioned along the z access at any point within the fustrum and 
still keep the default mouse handling. Add mouse handling from OpenGL 
itself, and you can have 2D widgets projected onto 3D objects, not to 
mention  3D widgets fully integrated with the Squeak desktop.

Time to revive/revitalize Balloon3D, perhaps? Whatever happened to 3D 

There's obviously a great deal of room for optimization, and of course, 
the sky is the limit for what could be done in terms of lighting, 
materials, etc.

Using more modern APIs of OpenGL (I'm using immediate mode! (!) and only 
stuff from the first 6 NeHe tutorials) one could have an awful lot of 
interesting stuff going on.


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