[squeak-dev] Spoon 3 beta 2 released

Chris Cunnington smalltalktelevision at gmail.com
Sat Oct 20 02:37:44 UTC 2012

On 12-10-19 4:34 PM, Craig Latta wrote:
> Hi all--
>       I've released Spoon 3 beta 2, see [1]. This is an important one,
> because it's the first one that opens a remote browser onto a small
> headless memory automatically. With this one it's pretty easy to browse
> around.
>       So now there's a memory with development tools in it, and a small
> memory which takes the place of the old changes file (by remembering
> changes in an object database). Next, I’ll set up a third memory, a
> minimal environment which can the basis of a full Smalltalk distribution
> (e.g., Squeak 5). I’ll write instructions for creating unit tests for
> each package in our communities, and imprinting the code run by those
> tests into the minimal memory, thereby creating a module. We can work
> toward releases where all the packages anyone might want to load are
> served by some online history memory, with package metadata searchable
> with Google[2].
>       thanks!
> -C
> [1] http://tinyurl.com/9pw4gjc (wordpress.com)
> [2] http://netjam.org/spoon/modules
> --
> Craig Latta
> www.netjam.org/resume
> +31   6 2757 7177
> + 1 415  287 3547 (no SMS)
Well that's fun to explore. I'm on OSX 10.7.5 and for some reason the 
AppleScript could not see the image, but that was easy to fix by 
dragging the script into the same/Resources directory.
The mini image starts and is broadcasting on 8090. It sets up a web page 
to present a link to start the development image. Nifty.
For the first time HTTPServer is publicly available. It's in the mini 
image, which I can inspect from the open browser on the development 
image world.  Going to package New and then class Welcome and method 
'act' I can see where the web page is coming from. Cool.


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