[squeak-dev] Altitude - ALReflectCoreAjax

Chris Cunnington smalltalktelevision at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 19:15:54 UTC 2012


I modified Frank's code that takes a sender and produces JSON and made 
it an Ajax. You enter a selector in the form, press return, and see all 
the senders formatted with HTML in the browser.

Load into an image with Altitude installed and then:

server := ALServer on: 8624 application: ALExampleApplication new.
server start.


Go to 'reflect core ajax' in the menu and there it is. It works pretty 
much. If your interested you can read my further notes below. Feedback 
would be helpful if you have a moment.


1. The app renders some kruft initially. Just enter a selector (i.e. 
#today, #date, #dateAndTime, #yesterday) and it produces the output.

2. It works best on Chrome. Or something. I find switching around 
browsers with a single image running doesn't work out so well.

3. ALReflectCoreAjax as a package contains all of ALExampleApplication. 
Context matters in some way with Altitude I haven't grasped yet. I tried 
creating a form app separate from the example bundle and had strange 
things happen. The values of the input tag attributes (type, value, 
name) would render on the page in front of the form. I'm not certain how 
to create a proper context for an Altitude form app yet. So I just 
installed ReflectCoreAjax inside the existing examples. If no dynamic 
url tokens are being generated when a link is hit, something is wrong. 
I'm just not sure what.

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