[squeak-dev] Bitmap DejaVu sans punktuation mark sizes

karl ramberg karlramberg at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 19:39:20 UTC 2015

Yes, pixels in the retina type displays are truly tiny.
Pixels seem likely to become invisible by them self, kind of like an atom.

Gezira and Nile seem like a interesting display solution. I have not had
any success compiling it for Windows though, so I have not been able to use


On Thu, Jun 4, 2015 at 12:51 AM, tim Rowledge <tim at rowledge.org> wrote:

> On 03-06-2015, at 3:11 PM, karl ramberg <karlramberg at gmail.com> wrote:
> > A fix for this would be great.
> > My eye are getting worse by the day it feels like.
> Welcome to over-30-land.  This is another reason we really ought to try to
> move away from predominantly pixel based graphics to vector based - scaling
> to suit the user needs works so much better. We have had the basic
> capability for at least a decade (remember ‘pooh’?) and now there is Nile
> to add to the mix.
> tim
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