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Charlie Robbats charlie.robbats at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 01:08:25 UTC 2016

Which I have done over the years, used other venues for peaceful 
warfare. Sorry to disturb you. The 20th century model of society is 
stale and dated. Look at all the damage done to people for no good 
reason. We can effect change through technology. What kind of change? 
Something that leverages modern computing, including the blockchain for 
trusted interactions, lots of hand-held IoT devices combined into a 
massive decentralized computational network, leaving REST services 
behind and presenting functional semantics with robust data marshaling. 
With these capabilities, transform the way physical interactions occur. 
I like to term what I am seeing as virtualizing physicality & 
physicalizing virtuality.

Is Pharo just aiming to be a better WebApp? That market is totally 
saturated. Pharo's/Squeak's strengtsh are robust dynamic presentation of 
information in graphical form and interconnectivity. Let us leverage 
that. Smalltalk is perfectly positioned to define the next 
transformation, because it is the only language system designed to be 
online 24/7, exactly what is needed for a massive decentralized computer 
with dynamic un/loading. I merely made a few comments regarding some of 
the practical functional requirements around the security facet of the 
new system.

My apologies if you felt it was inappropriate. I think you were 
concerned it may get further out of hand and I do not disagree with you. 
Let's collect functional requirements for how this new social network 
will interact with personalized locality. This is my proposition. Why, 
we could eliminate prisons, massively reducing mental illness and 
eliminate collective confrontation. I believe completely, with all my 
heart, that this is in the original spirit of Smalltalk, but I cannot 
speak for the founders, this is my belief.

Thank you for your thoughts, I did not mean to offend or go so far astray.


On 12/19/2016 7:17 PM, Brad wrote:
> Don't know about anyone else, but I would appreciate it if this kind 
> of commentary never made it to this email list. This topic is so 
> inappropriate. Let's keep the discussion about Pharo. If you feel you 
> must go down the political route, then please be gracious enough to 
> find another venue.
> Brad Selfridge
> 913-269-2385
> On Dec 19, 2016, at 6:48 PM, Charlie Robbats 
> <charlie.robbats at gmail.com <mailto:charlie.robbats at gmail.com>> wrote:
>> Alright, one more sad observation. Of all the Law Enforcement 
>> violence, either perpetrated by LEOs against citizens or by citizens 
>> against LEOs, in all cases I am aware or recall having heard, all of 
>> these involve police officers. No violence, or very little, is 
>> perpetrated against or by Sheriff Deputies. As counties are a good 
>> and proper and consistent scope of crime administration, regardless 
>> of the density, police ought to report to the Sheriffs and let's put 
>> and end to broken windows policy and discriminatory enforcement. 
>> Police are always in our shit, and have their egos to boot. Sheriff 
>> Deputies, by comparison, are laid back and easy to talk to. They 
>> engage the public in respect, without attitude.
>> Bob didn't shoot the deputy.
>> On 12/17/2016 10:11 PM, Charlie Robbats wrote:
>>> Last bit, a mantra: Crime & Punishment creates massive mental 
>>> illness in our society. Ask the Russians.
>>> On 12/17/2016 10:05 PM, Charlie Robbats wrote:
>>>> Well, my paranoia is kicking. I spoke too broadly of police, I have 
>>>> interacted with many and they do a lot of good. A bad apple spoils 
>>>> the whatever and their code of silence allows for that sort of rot. 
>>>> I tell it straight, because they monitor the list. I pissed them 
>>>> off! Do you think it passed the sanity test that cops run all 
>>>> street drugs with their felon database in hand? Damn! All those 
>>>> Fellas are going to turn and bite their masters' hand, you watch! 
>>>> Stacking these grown men like Twinkies in overcrowded prisons. 
>>>> There is a debt that needs to be paid and the righteous are those 
>>>> in prison on a bunch of bullshit paper.  Vive la revolucion! Ok, 
>>>> sorry I went political. I am done.
>>>> On 12/17/2016 9:49 PM, Charlie Robbats wrote:
>>>>> I am sad with you in your diagnosis. I get that too, the blues. I 
>>>>> get high if I am holding and listen to "Kind of Blue" or deep 
>>>>> house or reggae.  Some X would be good, but herbage is my mainstay 
>>>>> to drop my constant threat mode (hypervigilence). I do not want a 
>>>>> repeat of what happened! Unfortunately I drive people away to make 
>>>>> sure of that. I appreciate your alls kindness. I wanted to share a 
>>>>> solid explanation of why I am such a dick at times. I flip to 
>>>>> active threat mode, I struggle to control this. It doesn't help 
>>>>> that the police have been stalking me for 2 years, I am all caught 
>>>>> up in their noise. Don't believe a word of their truthfulness. The 
>>>>> blue wall of silence breaks God's commandment thou shalt not bear 
>>>>> false witness. Police violate that daily, protecting their 
>>>>> brothers who shoot unarmed black men in the back and claim they 
>>>>> are fearing for their lives. Really? No, really? Well, that is a 
>>>>> different story. That just freaking triggers me. And my opinion 
>>>>> makes me their target. At least in my C-PTSD befuddled mind.
>>>>> Be well all!

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