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Chris Muller-3 wrote
> I thought "6.0" was planned to be the 64-bit version of "5.1", and 5.1
> the 32-bit version of the same image contents...
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> > wrote:
>> Really exciting news!
>> Herbert
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>> Betreff: [squeak-dev] [ANN] The Squeak 5.1 Release Plan
>> Hey, there.
>> I just want to inform all of you that we are in the middle of preparing
>> the
>> next Squeak 5.1 release. We are working on automation for
>> generating/updating all release artifacts so that we are eventually able
>> to
>> shorten our release cycle in the future. For this, we are using
>> smalltalkCI
>> (thanks Fabio!), TravisCI, and AppVeyor.
>> Here are the important dates:
>>   * Feature Freeze on July 31, 23:59 AOE
>>   * Code Freeze on August 14, 23:59 AOE
>>   * Release between August 15 and 19
>> As these dates suggest, our goal is to have the release before this
>> year's
>> ESUG. However, there is another important Smalltalk-related event this
>> year:
>> 20 years of Squeak. :-) Yeah! It was around October 1996, when the first
>> Squeak came into the world. ...having its own worlds. :D So, it would
>> only
>> make sense to also have a special release for this birthday. For this, we
>> revived all of the cool multimedia content, known from Squeak 1 through
>> Squeak 3, and made it fit for the current Squeak code base. Oh, this is
>> so
>> exciting. :-)
>> Anyway, what's with Squeak 5.1 and 64-bit? Since the release of Squeak
>> 5.0,
>> we've been working hard and made a lot of bug fixes and added some
>> features
>> to improve the overall usability and robustness of the Squeak live
>> programming system. Meanwhile, the VMs improved as well. Cog's object
>> format
>> "Spur" got more robust, the JIT improved, and the whole code base moved
>> from
>> SVN to Git: https://github.com/OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm.
>> Still, what's up with 64-bit? We have working 64-bit VMs for Mac OS X and
>> Linux. Hence, we will take the chance and also release 64-bit bundles for
>> Squeak 5.1. Be informed that this means a new .image file. You cannot
>> open a
>> 64-bit .image with a 32-bit VM and vice versa. This, however, is nothing
>> serious because we are working on an updated version of our SystemTracer
>> to
>> convert back and forth. With limitations, of course. ;-) You cannot fill
>> a
>> bottle of beer into a shot glass.
>> What's up with the All-in-one? There will be the usual 32-bit all-in-one
>> package, which combines VMs for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Since there
>> will be no 64-bit Windows VM within the next two months, we refrain from
>> creating an almost-all-in-one-32/64 package. This would only confuse the
>> users. In the future, we can arguably expand the concept of the
>> All-in-one
>> to also contain 32-bit and 64-bit VMs and images.
>> So, what are the prospective release artifacts for Squeak 5.1?
>>   * All-in-one (Linux/Mac/Win) 32-bit
>>   * Mac OS X App 32-bit, signed
>>   * Mac OS X App 64-bit, signed
>>   * Linux Bundle 32-bit
>>   * Linux Bundle 64-bit
>>   * Windows App (maybe with MSI Installer) 32-bit, maybe signed
>>   * ZIP archive containing .image and .changes, no VM, no .sources
>> We plan to also use the new release automation process for Squeak 5.0 and
>> update those release artifacts as well. We will update our squeak.org
>> Website but you will always find the artifacts on
>> http://files.squeak.org/5.0 and http://files.squeak.org/5.1 .
>> :-)
>> Best,
>> Marcel
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Hi Chris,

yes, there were several loose ideas about 64-bit and version numbering. I'd
say that if we manage to have 64-bit support for all platforms, we can
release 64-bit image versions on a regular basis and then raise the version
to 6.0. Right now, I consider 64-bit support as kind of experimental.
Especially since we cannot just convert back to 32-bit and debug if
something goes seriously wrong. There are still several strange things going
on with rectangles and points becoming arbitrary fractions. Or something
like that. :-)


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