[squeak-dev] [Help][Extending the system][Squeak5.2] Are the four entries there still relevant for 5.2?

H. Hirzel hannes.hirzel at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 05:55:37 UTC 2018


There are four entries in the help system [1]

Squeak -> The Project -> Extending the system

Are they still relevant. Or what else should go there instead?

For example it would be nice to have the install script for NuScratch [2]


"Provides source code completion as you type"
(Installer ss project: 'OCompletion') install: 'Ocompletion'.
(Smalltalk at: #ECToolSet) register.
(Smalltalk at: #ToolSet) default: (Smalltalk at: #ECToolSet).

"Including Refactoring engine"
(Installer ss project: 'MetacelloRepository') install:
((Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfOmniBrowser) project perform:
#lastVersion) load: #( Dev ).

Pier CMS
"Pier CMS: http://www.piercms.com"
(Installer ss project: 'MetacelloRepository') install: 'ConfigurationOfPier2'.
(Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfPier2) load.

(Installer lukas project: 'pier2') install: 'Pier-Blog'.
(Installer lukas project: 'pier2') install: 'Pier-Book'.
(Installer lukas project: 'pier2addons') install: 'Pier-Setup'.
(Smalltalk at: #PRDistribution)  new register.

Open Cobalt


[2] http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/6604

Scratch is a visual programming language and online community targeted
primarily at children [Wikipedia]. It started with a first
implementation in Squeak Smalltalk, then it was reimplemented in Flash
(ActionScript) and now in JavaScript (more about Scratch see here).

The Smalltalk based implementation has been maintained and improved
and is available under the Name 'NuScratch' to be loaded as an
application into a Squeak base system.

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