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Am Di., 2. Apr. 2019 um 22:54 Uhr schrieb Chris Muller <asqueaker at gmail.com

> Hi Marcel,
> The Do menu was targeted toward newcomers as a way to introduce some
> basics of Squeak.  It gives the newcomer list of Squeak expressions
> which are generically useful, and have been unchanged since 2002.

Maybe I am not enough of a newcomer anymore, but I don't understand the
relevance of many of the items on that list for newcomers. Such as reducing
the display depth of each project to 16 bits. Inspecting the Undeclared
dictionary is also not so much of a newcomer's operation, or even a basic
one, is it?

What does emergencyCollapse do? Sounds rather dangerous, so I would be
hesitant to try it. Can we have tooltips on these items?
What does Sensor keyboard do at all? It seems to have no visible effect.
Even if I print it, it just returns nil.
Smalltalk saveAsNewVersion is already in the Squeak menu and world menu.
grabScreenAndSaveToDisk gives a MessageNotUnderstood error...
reconstructTextWindowsFromFileNamed: gives a MessageNotUnderstood error...

So I guess many of these look like riddles to newcomers. Just like the IDE
tools do if you do not read an introduction somewhere.
That the list is/was unchanged since 2002 is not a good argument for the
current list, but rather an indication that it is unmaintained, isn't it?
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