[squeak-dev] for the morphic team...is a "caps locks is on" indicator doable?

marcel.taeumel Marcel.Taeumel at hpi.de
Fri Dec 11 10:34:30 UTC 2020

Hi there.

This should work: 

| capsLockFilter |
capsLockFilter := PluggableEventFilter on: [:keyboardEvent |
	(keyboardEvent isKeystroke
		and: [keyboardEvent keyCharacter isUppercase
		and: [keyboardEvent shiftPressed not]])
			ifTrue: [self inform: 'CAPS LOCK ON'].
self currentHand addKeyboardCaptureFilter: capsLockFilter.

Be sure to find a safe place for that capsLockFilter so that it won't be
garbage collected. :-) Maybe that "inform:" is too noisy for you. I don't


Squeak - Dev mailing list wrote
> Hi folks.
> Ignore as appropriate.
> Fat-finger me hits caps-lock by accident quite a bit and copy-n-paste does
> not work in morphic when that happens.
> A not-so-subtle indicator that "caps lock is on" would be helpful.
> cheers and thanks.

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