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Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Wed Jan 22 22:37:28 UTC 2020

> Hi Chris, good idea! I sent two commits regarding your proposal to the
> inbox.

It wasn't really meant as a proposal as much as an "example" of how we do
it with our object oriented UI.  Since that is already available on the
Class menu (also as Cmd+a on that pane, which is how I usually access it),
we will have to decide whether we want to lengthen the already-long text
menu, as you alluded to below..

> However, I do not think that Ralphs original request got redundant per
> this proposal.  The text morph menu is very horrible long, even if you
> can type to search, and there few more hotkeys free to use.

I think it's indicative of the complexity of software development and the
power of the IDE to address it -- it needs a lot of functions and multiple
ways of doing the same thing, resulting in a lot of buttons and menu
items.  Button row is subject to the same design balance between "too
long", or fewer functions, too.

> In my opinion, the button row is exactly appropriate in order to provide a
> reduced set of operations to the overwhelmed user (such as me). I keep
> desiring a split button as mentioned below, maybe this dream can become
> reality someday ... :-)

Maybe the button row could morph itself automatically into one of those
based on size and number of truncated labels..  :)   Another idea, ability
to select which functions one wants at each place...   :-o   :)


> Best,
> Christoph
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> On Mon, Jan 20, 2020 at 12:51 PM Thiede, Christoph <
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>> Hi, this sounds great! It took me also a few months to find out that this
>> feature "browse assignments" exists :)
>> On the other hand, I think this makes the button row look even more
>> overfilled.
> We have an unpleasant mix of a "command-oriented" UI, where you select a
> command (instead of an object) and THEN the system prompts you, modally,
> for the object to apply that command to -- we should be moving AWAY from
> this, not toward --
> mixed along with with our "object-oriented" UI, where you select the
> object first, THEN the contextual command to apply to it (via button or
> menu or hot-key).
> For example, you can select the instVar name (text) and use "References to
> it (N)" off the menu (or hot-key) to show all references to an instVar that
> way.  It would be easy to add an additional menu entry for assignments only.
> Best,
>   Chris
> Another option might be to offer a pop-up menu similar to the code
>> provenance button. This menu would have two items: 'references' and
>> 'assignments'. Good for clarity, not so good for efficiency -- on the other
>> hand, which person that wants to be efficient uses the button instead of
>> <cmd>a?
>> A popular GUI element for such problems is the split button
>> <https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/windowsribbon/windowsribbon-controls-splitbutton>.
>> Emphasises the default option of a series, but still provides fast access
>> to the rest of series, too. But we don't have a pluggable implementation
>> for this in Morphic so far, do we?
>> Best,
>> Christoph
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>> Hi,
>> One can invoke this also with Cmd-a on the class, or somewhere in its
>> pop-up menu.
>> A button for it could be nice on touch screens though. There is no button
>> space for all our favorite features though.
>> Ralph, could you send a screenshot of your solution for a quick
>> impression, please?
>> Kings regards,
>> Jakob
>> Ralph Boland <rpboland at gmail.com> schrieb am Mo., 20. Jan. 2020, 18:35:
>>> In the Browsers there is a line of buttons:  "browse", "senders" etc.
>>> One of the buttons is  "vars"  which when pressed brings up a GUI that
>>> allows you to select a variable and then a list of all methods using
>>> that variable
>>> is brought up from which you can select a method to inspect.
>>> Sometimes I only want to view the subset of the methods in which the
>>> variable is assigned.
>>> I have implemented this feature (new button to the right of "vars"
>>> labeled  ":=")
>>> and find it to be very useful.
>>> I am wondering if this feature can be added to the next version of
>>> Squeak.
>>> I can send my code changes if someone is willing to do this but the
>>> changes
>>> required are small so my help may not be needed.
>>> If some do not like this feature (it's great really!) then perhaps it
>>> could be turned
>>> on or off depending on a Preferences setting.
>>> If this feature happens to be in  5.3 then my apologies for wasting
>>> peoples time.
>>> Ralph Boland
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