[squeak-dev] PROPOSAL: UN-St (United Nations of Smalltalk)

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Fri Jun 5 02:19:22 UTC 2020

Hi Sean,

On Thu, Jun 04, 2020 at 12:16:21PM -0400, Sean DeNigris wrote:
> I believe that the Squeak/Pharo/Cuis communit(ies) share one very
> special thing, which most of the world has completely missed, and
> which the world sorely needs if the true power of computing to unleash
> and evolve the human mind is ever to be realized: a love and appreciation
> for personal technological augmentation/amplification available to all
> as represented by the Dynabook and/or its prototype software (Smalltalk
> as a concept, not any version/implementation e.g. Smalltalk-80).

I think you are right about this. If you can find a way to get a few
people together to promote this point of view, that would be a good
thing for all involved.

For me personally, I see the differences in Squeak, Cuis and Pharo
as a positive thing. Mainly I am connected with Squeak, but I love
the focus on simplicity and excellence of execution that I see in
Cuis, and I am inspired by some of the development that has been done
on the Pharo platform. I also know that if we tried to mash those
goals and objectives into one common image, we would have a giant mess.
So to me, having these three different projects is a good thing,
and to the extent that we can help one another out, that's great.

If a few Squeak/Cuis/Pharo folks can find a way to get together to
hoist a beer and promote the common good, then big thumbs up.


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