[squeak-dev] The Inbox: Morphic-ct.1634.mcz

K K Subbu kksubbu.ml at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 06:37:53 UTC 2020

On 29/02/20 9:16 PM, Thiede, Christoph wrote:
> @Subbu: I value your argument, it's just the morph being recolored not 
> really looking nice during moving your cursor when picking is enabled. 

It could be because ColorPickerMorph lets Morphic handle live stepping 
during drag over the whole display while the new one doesn't; Drag works 
only over the SVColorSelector and a new pick mode is introduced to move 
outside this selector. I do like the new picker's size. It is much 
easier on my aging vision than the old one.

ColorPickerMorph has its faults. Its buildChartForm/initialize uses 
hard-coded box extents that are too small for modern displays and its 
hover help strings are shown under the pane :-(. But its live stepping 
while moving the mouse over the whole display in its pickUpColorFor: and 
its automatic dismissal on mouseUp are definite plusses. They make 
changing color a quick and smooth experience.

> Let's wait some time for others' opinions :)

Regards .. Subbu

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