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tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Wed Dec 8 18:10:34 UTC 2021

> On 2021-12-08, at 12:30 AM, Marcel Taeumel <marcel.taeumel at hpi.de> wrote:
> Well, I play the piano with both hands. There are users that have both hands on the keyboard most of the time. Then there are users that maybe only use one hand for the keyboard, the other one for the mouse. I am not sure whether you can have both hands on the mouse. Consequently, there are different groups of users. Until now, Squeak's keyboard-only support is rather sketchy. We should work on that.

There's also the laptop world - where you may have both hands on the keyboard at the same time as a digit (thumb usually I'd guess) on a trackpad, which means that you *could* have scenarios where holding down a key whilst moving the cursor does stuff. Maybe 'r'+drag would resize the active window, for example.

Is that good idea? No idea - I don't use laptops so couldn't really say.

And let's not completely forget tablets; I know there isn't a lot of support that we have for the rather different UI operation there, but it would be nice if we could get there. One day I hope to get a contemporary iPad Pro, for example. I mean, only been working on projects to make the damn things since 1987.

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