[squeak-dev] [ANN] Squeak Inbox Talk - bringing squeak-dev into your image

stes@PANDORA.BE stes at telenet.be
Wed Jul 14 17:34:55 UTC 2021

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Yes you are right, I tested now without first running

  Installer ensureRecentMetacello

and it automatically first installs Metacello (via Metacello new).

I tested now on Solaris 11.4 (with GNOME 3) as well

latest update: #20587
Current Change Set: HomeProject
Image format 68021 (64 bit)
Preferred bytecode set: SistaV1

Virtual Machine
- ---------------
Open Smalltalk Cog[Spur] VM [CoInterpreterPrimitives VMMaker.oscog-eem.2967]

There are a few differences between Solaris 11.3 (GNOME 2) and 11.4 (GNOME 3),
but as expected in this particular case it does not seem to matter.

As I said I like the package and you (and Marcel Taeumel and everybody else
involved in this) did a great job.

HOWEVER ... I think the documentation should state that you have to install
Metacello as a prerequisite.

There is no point in depending on 'Metacello new' to automatically pull this
into the image.

Perhaps in the global top menu "Do" (for the common request strings),
there should be a menu item for

  Installer ensureRecentMetacello

So that a newbie user (like me) can go to the top menu and see,
under "Do" an easy way to install Metacello.

This is a just general remark with respect to Metacello.

Regardig the default path, the reason I made this remark,
was because I clicked "Yes" without reading the dialog all too well,
I thought it was asking whether I agreed with the default path.

But in fact the current dialog is asking whether you want to CHANGE the path.

Anyway I'm now testing/using the Mail Editor in Squeak.

I'm using in Solaris

$ pkg list -s mutt
NAME (PUBLISHER)                                        SUMMARY
mail/mutt (solaris)                                     The Mutt E-Mail Client

mutt (from the command line) works with my smtp server.

When I enter in Squeak the smtp settings it is asking for authentication:

  What is your server passwort?

Note that there is a typo in that string.  passwort is German I guess,
in English the spelling is password with a 'd' as in Dutch (paswoord).

Also I think that SMTP can be used without authentication in its simplest form.

If I cancel the password dialog I get an error

14 July 2021 7:25:06.210257 pm

VM: unix - Smalltalk
Image: Squeak6.0alpha [latest update: #20587]

- --- The full stack ---
MailSender class(Object)>>error:
MailSender class>>userPassword
[] in [] in MailComposition>>sendMail
[] in MailComposition>>sendMail
[] in FullBlockClosure(BlockClosure)>>newProcess

So I didn't send so far smtp from within Squeak.

My report is more about reading inboxdevtalk so far, which seems to work.

I like the package and seems to work well.

David Stes

Version: GnuPG v2


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