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Jaromir Matas m at jaromir.net
Sat May 29 15:26:28 UTC 2021

Hi David,

David T. Lewis wrote
> Hi Jaromir,
> On Sat, May 29, 2021 at 02:34:13AM -0500, Jaromir Matas wrote:
>> Hi Christoph,
>> Christoph Thiede wrote
>> > Hi Jaromir,
>> > 
>> > thanks for writing these tests! Just a few comments here:
>> > 
>> > - #testTerminateInEnsure uses underscore assignments. This is a
>> deprecated
>> > syntax and apparently, in current Trunk images even disabled by
>> default.
>> > Without turning on my #allowUnderscoreAsAssignment preference, I cannot
>> > even run the test in my image. Could you please convert this to modern
>> > `:=` assignments?
>> Thanks for noticing! That's a shame ;) I must have uploaded the original
>> Cuis version I was testing (Juan brought my attention to the test). I'm
>> testing #terminate in parallel in both Squeak and Cuis to catch potential
>> irregularities (unfortunately Pharo diverged a bit too much for an "easy"
>> parallel implementation).
> You may not need it for the work you are doing, but it is worth knowing
> that the FixUnderscores utility can be used for updating from _ to :=
> assignments without losing the original author stamps.
> You can find it on SqueakMap. From the world menu, open a SqueakMap
> Catalog browser. Right-click on the left side panel and de-select the
> "New safely-available packages" box. Scroll down the long list of
> packages until you find FixUnderscores. Install version 1.0, and ignore
> any warnings about compatibility.
> Once installed you can use the FixUnderscores>>fixPackage: method to
> update the underscores in an given package.
> For moving code the other way from Squeak to Cuis, you can use any
> convenient text editor (such as vi on unix) to replace all occurencees
> of := with _. You also will want to convert 
> <cr>
>  to 
> <lf>
>  line endings
> for Cuis conventions, which you can do with unix sed or directly in
> the Cuis file browser before filing in the code.
> Dave

Cool, thanks! (and thanks, Vanessa)

I now see Squeak automatically replaces underscores in the copy/pasted or
filed-in code - but only for viewing; the source still contains the original
underscores (that's why I unwittingly uploaded the test with
underscores...). I've now tried to file-in with underscores -> see := in the
browser -> file out and underscores still there. 

So the tool really comes in handy here and preserving the original
author/timestamp is cool too. Thanks again.

^[^ Jaromir
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