[squeak-dev] "Reflection and dynamic class creation and method compilation is the easiest thing evahhhh!!!!" Said no programmer ever.

gettimothy gettimothy at zoho.com
Sat Sep 11 18:38:38 UTC 2021

Hi Folks.

I am trying to compile:

this single string is currently residing in a HelpTopic within a method named 'contents'. Below is copy-n-paste from the inspector.


DocOrgToX is a set of Squeak Doc classes used to convert between CustomHelp to Markup and back again.

The DocCustomHelpToOrg and DocOrgToCustomHelp classes convert from CustomHelp to Org and back again.



    location: ''http://www.squeaksource.com/Doc''

    user: ''tty''

    password: ''''



I am trying to compile this thing dynamically to create CustomHelp stuff.

createSubclass: aHelpTopic

|newclassname methodSourceFoo|

      aHelpTopic inspect.

      newclassname := aHelpTopic key asSymbol.

      [[ (Smalltalk at: newclassname  )			isNil

            ifFalse:[self inform: 'class ', newclassname, ' exists. delete it first'. ^nil].  "could use an are you sure here."

      ] on: Error do: []] value.

      CustomHelp subclass: newclassname

          instanceVariableNames: ''

          classVariableNames: ''

          poolDictionaries: ''

          category: 'Doc-Help'.

      methodSourceFoo := 'bookName ^', (aHelpTopic title).

      (Smalltalk at: newclassname) class compile: methodSourceFoo	.  < -----WORKS FINE TO HERE.

      aHelpTopic subtopics do:[:ht | |methodsource ios|

            (ht key asLowercase) = (ht key)


                        ios := ReadStream on: (ht key) , '^HelpTopic title: ' ,  (ht title surroundedBySingleQuotes),  ' contents: ', (ht contents asSmalltalkComment applyContortionsToRemoveBeginningAndEndingDoubleQuotes surroundedBySingleQuotes).

                        methodsource := (ios contents).

                        (Smalltalk at: newclassname) class compile: methodsource.]


but I 'know' there has to be an elegant way to do this besides ."asSmalltalkComment applyContortionsToRemoveBeginningAndEndingDoubleQuotes surroundedBySingleQuotes" which is not working anyway.

Any pointers greatly appreaciated!

thanks in advance.
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