[squeak-dev] Terse Guide's a bit outdated and contains errors

gettimothy gettimothy at zoho.com
Mon Feb 7 12:44:23 UTC 2022

The Doc tools make it easy to edit and rearrange without having to work directly in the Help classes.

Here is the markdown for the terse guide, created from emacs.org mode using the org-md-export-to-md


To modify, check out or fork the repo, then edit the TerseGuideHelp.org with a text editor.

Import that into the image using the https://github.com/gettimothy/Doc-DocToCustomHelpConverter/blob/main/DocOrgToCustomHelpConverter.md  tools.

The repo is on squeak monticello . Xtreams is a requirement for the converters.

With this tool, documentation can exist in 5 places with less effort.

1. Help classes in the Help menu.

2. Monticello

3. Git

4. Your local file system

5. Served via Seaside as web help.



---- On Sun, 06 Feb 2022 10:16:42 -0500  <mail at jaromir.net> wrote ----

Hi Marcel, all,

I've noticed the Terse Guide is a bit outdated and contains some errors and inconsistencies. Would you be interested in a quick review of these?

To name a few:
1. Under General - Allowable characters name symbols like "blank" and "ff" which I guess are not being used any longer. It's also not clear what these symbols are supposed to be allowable for - variable declarations??
2. Under Constants - x := 2e-2 is it a fractional constant? Or a float constant? It's confusing what (1/50) is then :)
3. Under Method Call - missing declaration of anArray

I'm not sure why the Terse guide doesn't behave like a Workspace: I mean automatic declarations. It's not straightforward to print-it or inspect the examples line by line; for a beginner running them feels scary - if you select just the line you're interested in, it shouts unknown variable and if you accept, the modified Terse guide is half purple (in the Dark mode).

If you're interested I could also add a few more Exceptions examples.

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