[squeak-dev] Terse Guide's a bit outdated and contains errors

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Tue Feb 8 00:05:46 UTC 2022

An obvious potential answer to that problem is to rewrite the pages to provide separate chunks with any temp declarations etc in the right place.  The 'Rectangle' pretty much has that done right, except that Shout is highlighting the bad syntax. That can be handled by wrapping each chunk in $", but I'll certainly admit that is a bit naff.

So, what to do? Perhaps some aspect of a TextStyle that provides Shout information that a chunk is to be treated as a separate context for analysis?

> On 2022-02-07, at 2:25 PM, mail at jaromir.net wrote:
> - line by line evaluation is almost impossible (most of the lines have assignments so they won't evaluate without a declaration)

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