[squeak-dev] SwaLint error

Marcel Taeumel marcel.taeumel at hpi.de
Fri Jan 14 09:38:47 UTC 2022

Hi David --

This looks like that fairly new "ModificationForbidden" error, which prevents you vom changing literals such as symbols or literal arrays written directly in the source code. 

Hmm... this does not work in 5.3:

#foo copyReplaceAll: 'o' with: 'x'

We should backport the fix from Trunk.

Am 14.01.2022 05:56:11 schrieb David O'Toole <deeteeoh1138 at gmail.com>:
By using the "Proceed" button I was able to complete the remaining tests, and narrow it down to which two errored: 

On Thu, Jan 13, 2022 at 10:07 PM David O'Toole <deeteeoh1138 at gmail.com [mailto:deeteeoh1138 at gmail.com]> wrote:

In Squeak 5.3 and SwaLint from github, I received an error in RBLiteralValuesSpellingRule>>normalizeSelector: while running the tests. (See attached bug report.) I had selected all available tests, testing a single small package (Mosaic). The package is at https://gitlab.com/dto/squeakmosaic/ [https://gitlab.com/dto/squeakmosaic/] if you wish to try reproducing the error. This repo includes only the Smalltalk code and no other files from the project. I'm quite unfamiliar with the insides of SwaLint but will be taking a look to see if I can debug this. 
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