[squeak-dev] The Trunk: Morphic-mt.1852.mcz

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Fri Jan 28 00:56:46 UTC 2022

> Yes, that's exactly right. Reading Chris's reply I started to suspect I'm using the Workspace for what it wasn't made for: I test various snippets in the Workspace and put down expectations, notes, results etc, to be copied to some document later. Checking standard menus I can't see any text editor - have I missed something important here? (I learn by myself so the clues in the system are crucial for me)

Yes, you can use World | open... | file... or simply open Squeak's
FileManager browser and create and open the file there.  It's just as
functional as a Workspace, and you can save it and even append to it
if you want.

Workspaces are intended for *short-term* experiments, but what you're
doing sounds more like long-term research that deserves something
better than a Workspace, something already able to persist.  It might
still be worth considering whether each of the various snippets you're
testing could be titled with its own method name on the class side of
a "MyWorkspaceOrganizer" class.  If so, it solves _everything_ we've
been talking about.  Backups.  Synchronicity.  Image crashes.  Etc.
It also enables method composition and you could even make versions of

> > > I just realized being able to save Workspaces opens this can of worms of needing a stale-detection system in any case -- otherwise users will face this "doubt" every single time they launch the image. (Chris)
> Yes, true, I know this feeling very well :) That's why I like Marcel's idea to append the accepted contents to the saved file rather than overwrite; it's a backup anyway so when a disaster (or doubt) strikes one can check the backups.

The above-mentioned file features have an append feature, however, I
don't think that would help if the image crashed and you didn't save.

 - Chris

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