[squeak-dev] AITA - returning a 408 error for a WebClient request where the socket times out?

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> On Oct 8, 2022, at 06:57, Jakob Reschke <jakres+squeak at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Tim,
> Are you asking whether it would be good to let WebClient automatically convert socket timeouts to a WebResponse with status 408 _for everyone_?

Well that’s what I thought he said:

> WebClient code does not try to handle socket timeouts etc. If I handle NetworkError by faking a WebResponse with a 408 code

So I figure a socket timeout fakes a 408 timeout response…but…

> I do not think that this is appropriate, since the server has never really sent such a message (or at least it does not sound like it has in your case).

This is a good point, no actual response just a spoof.

> How much of an impact it has depends on the application using it, whether they have error handling for NetworkError or this particular HTTP status. Hence I would not pretend to the application that there was an actual response if in fact there was none.

I like your point, no response but NetworkError ought to signal an exception, not spoof a response. Andso the Socket interface throws exceptions that must be handled by the Client using said socket. If no response yet poorly handled client-side self-generated Exception, guessing what the real issue was with no information. It just kicked rocks. Problematic when the Client really needs to talk. For a long time sockets had issues! Self-repair for resilient code helps with the presence or delivery of better details! Silent communications requires ESP, another joke, who’s laughing?

Especially if the Client was doing something wrong. The Client should be told or who knows what the Client may assume. It can exacerbate delusions & psychosis due to this info-absent trauma? Quiet termination requires advanced Qigong!

This was the selected policy, consequences be damned. Not very friendly or collaborative, challenging to a successful project application the Client may be working for.

Huh. Somebody is celebrating outside! Bull City Dreams.

> In your application, you may of course choose to convert the NetworkError to a response, if you think that makes sense for the purpose of this application.

Yeah, but I kinda like the exception handler mentioned on another thread. I believe Dave said the handler should be this but I do not like the silent consumption of the NetworkError, 

Andsoi more generally I’m gonna do.do the following defaultAction. Because I come correct and keep it real, and deliver on
my promises and always speak the truth, don’t you ever doubt that. My words hold pure power in their sincerity. The straight path. I said I was going to build a corner stone and that’s what I continue to do for what? 20 years now? Better late than never.


    [^socket read]
        on: NetworkError 
        do: [:ex | ex sender notify: ‘Kick rocks for:’, 
            ex description, ‘ on my end.’,
           ‘ Why won’t you respond? ‘,
           ‘A twisted sort of system-wide security policy?.‘,
           ‘Fuck, you provide zero information. ‘,
           ‘It’s bad you, know!! I had no warnings,’,
           ‘I don’t do subtle innuendo, does not compute;’,
            ‘Thinking everyone was good with ‘,
           ‘my decision. I was under the‘,
           ‘impression we had the time to do real engineering. ‘,
           ‘Sockets not simple. Very hard to‘,
           ‘understand. Due to my past trauma’,
           ‘as a 100% SC disabled veteran, i’,
           ‘Tend to catastrophize my delusions of persecution: thus C-PTSD. Not a good time rolling!’,
           ‘And my psychosis's understanding of myself. ‘
           ‘Confusion reigned for years. Everyone hated me and wanted me to go away. Now I have been transforming by the Holy Spirit and I just don’t fucking care anymore. Neither does she. I know myself now. And I’m not gonna put up with anymore bullshit from whomever is throwing it around. Mutual respect is a requirement! A head’s up would have been steller! Who failed the mission? You could have said something #notify: Nope. Look what you did. Sigh.’

> Kind regards,
> Jakob

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>> Am Fr., 7. Okt. 2022 um 23:01 Uhr schrieb tim Rowledge <tim at rowledge.org>:
>> So far as I can see the WebClient code does not try to handle socket timeouts etc. If I handle NetworkError by faking a WebResponse with a 408 code, Am I The Asshole? Will it cause the entire intertoobs to catch fire?
>> tim
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