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> 	4. Heck, while at it, reconsider the default of external plugins. 
> There are clear advantages to external plugins, but they cause an
> installation hassle.  Especially it is annoying, if you want to compile
> an experimental VM and test it out without installing it on your system.
>  Make internal the default, if VMMaker allows this.
VMMaker lets you do whatever you want about which plugins are internal,
external or left out altogether. I was under the impression that the unix VMs
normally had everything internal on the grounds of simplest installation; *nix
seems to lack any sensible way to gather a bunch of files together to assemble
an app. OSX has at last grasped the idea of an application directory in the
manner of 18 year old RISC OS ideas, something that makes it really simple to
have a single user-level entity that can have an arbitrary collection of code,
resource, text and application files under it. No need for that idiotic windows
registry stuff either. I can't imagine that it would be hard to implement
something similar to make life a bit easier.

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