Scroll events

Bert Freudenberg bert at
Thu Mar 17 17:02:51 UTC 2005

Scroll events really should be mouse events (*). This hasn't been too 
much of a problem in Morphic where we have a focus-follows-mouse 
policy. But in Tweak, for example, the keyboard scroll events go to the 
focused pane even when I point the mouse somewhere else.

AFAIK no host platform originally delivers scroll events as keyboard 
events, so it appears as the Right Thing to do, rather then hacking 
around it on the image side. However, I'm not sure about the best way 
to actually hand this to the image ... Any opinions?

As a further data point, there are mice having both vertical and 
horizontal scroll capabilities, something that users may want to put to 
use. Not sure if we should support the additional buttons, too, but why 
not? My mouse has 8 of them in total, all of which do something 
reasonable - yes I'm on a Mac ;-)

[OT] Rumor has it that Apple is going to introduce a new mouse soon, 
which may have two buttons or an iPod-like wheel or both ...

- Bert -

(*) Yes, I'm guilty for coming up with the arrow-key hack in the first 
place, but it was TSTTCPW

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