Test VMMaker branch for 38b4 on SVN server

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Thu Nov 17 00:58:17 UTC 2005

That has changed to

which is where the SVN tree has been moved to. The squeak.hpl.hp.com  
SVN tree was frozen a few weeks back and moved.
We're expecting HP at some point will wake up and drop that server,  
but perhaps not until the end of the year.  mmm ping....
mmm year end is early this  year, guess the IT dept at HP is somewhat  

The mac readme doc in the VMM38b4 should talk about what to do to  
build for 38b4.

Having a buildable VM is somewhat helpful,  you can setup the plugin  
in xcode and open the VM project, then set the application in the  
plugin xcode to be the squeak VM debug app, then you can breakpoint  
in your plugin, but see the source code for the entire execution stack.

On 16-Nov-05, at 4:49 PM, Brad Fuller wrote:

> Tim Rowledge wrote:
>> As a small experiment I've just made a branch on the SVN server that
>> _should_ contain a tree of platform files suitable for working  
>> with a 3.
>> 8 image and the VMMaker38b4 on SM.
>> It ought to come your way in response to
>> svn co http://squeak.hpl.hp.com/svn/squeak/branches/VMM38b4
>> This does NOT include the changes towards 64 bit cleanliness and thus
>> does not need the small changes that ought to be in the update  
>> stream.
>> If this seems to work, we'll try making a new branch for each future
>> version of VMMaker so that the head can be left as the dangerous  
>> place.
> I suppose this link is gone:
> http://squeak.hpl.hp.com/svn/squeak/branches/VMM38b4
> I couldn't get to it just now.
> Actually, do I even need this? Tim originally supplied this so I could
> learn VM building. But, I'm now creating just an external plugin. Do I
> even need a buildable VM to build one external plugin?
> Perhaps I can use the latest SVN just for the directory structure?
> How do others create a working environment for external plugin dev?
> brad

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