External Plugin returning too quickly

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Sun Nov 20 06:24:11 UTC 2005

Brad as you know the VM is single threaded so you need to return  
quickly from a plugin call so the interpreter can continue grinding  
thru bytecodes.
Really the question is how are you doing the async processing of the  
sound? It's not clear from your description.

On 19-Nov-05, at 6:42 PM, Brad Fuller wrote:

> The plugin that I'm creating seems to return too quickly. I have a  
> simple test that plays a sine wave and waits 5 seconds (using  
> usleep). The problem is that it stops the sine wave and returns in  
> about a half a second (I hear the sine wave but just a blip. And no  
> errors from the external code.) The code works fine outside of  
> Squeak, but not called from Squeak.
> The plugin does 2 simple things:
> * Starts a stream that calls a callback routine (below)
> * The callback fills a buffer for the sine wave data and then returns
> After waiting 5secs, the main line cleans up and exits.
> Are there any particular issues with callbacks in Squeak? Do I need  
> to compile/link with anything special? It doesn't seem like this  
> should be a problem since Squeak is single-threaded. If anything, I  
> would think that the return would be slower not quicker. BTW,  
> usleep returns w/o error.
> Any ideas or pointers much appreciated!
> brad
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