Trying to build VM using VMMaker on Intel Mac

tim Rowledge tim at
Thu May 4 17:57:51 UTC 2006

On 3-May-06, at 8:43 PM, Todd Blanchard wrote:

> interp.c says /* Automatically generated from Squeak on an Array(23  
> April 2006 10:01:21 pm) */

Well *that's* incorrect for a start.

I just downloaded the copy of vmmaker from SM to double check and it  
swears it will stick the
>> /* Automatically generated from Squeak on #(12 April 2006 1:39:20 pm)
>> by VMMaker 3.8b6
>> */
stuff in interp.c as I expected. So, you're looking at the wrong file  
- and probably compiling the wrong file in that case.

Now, I'm confused with what Ian wrote in another recent thread, which  
is to say -
"platforms/unix/src{32,64} were deleted a while ago, replaced with a  
single platforms/unix/src directory."
- because right now VMMaker will stick a 32 or 64 after the chosen  
target directory name when it generates the files unless you manually  
edit the path and make sure to accept the edit. And since I was asked  
to make vmmaker do that explicitly (email of april 4 05) to help  
avoid confusion between files generated for 32 and 64 bit, it seems  
odd to then ignore that 'help'.

Not to mention that on my pMac the latest download from svn that I  
have includes platforms/unix/src, src32 and src64 with the files  
apparently dated 23 Dec 05. Hmm, I just tried to double check by  
updating but svn can't talk to at the moment.

Right now I'd have to guess that the wrong files are being used.

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