[Vm-dev] Unix UTF8 input

Chris Petsos chrispetsos at sch.gr
Tue Jun 19 20:33:40 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-06-19 at 19:28 +0200, Martin Kuball wrote:
> If you tell me exactly what you did and what you want, I will look into it 
> and fix it.

I applied the patch to Squeak-3.9-8.src.tar.gz .
I compiled the modified VM.
I run my image with this
	 /home/Bob/Desktop/Squeak-3.9-9/build/squeak -eventenc UTF-8

And i could not get the VM run...it listed the VM options as if the
eventenc parameter does not exist.
Ok, despite that i could set the SQUEAK_EVENTENC environment variable so
that i can setUxXwinEncoding... but i did not get any keyboard events
when my keyboard was turned to greek locale...
Also, i saw somewhere
	charCode= out[0]; /* only single-byte chars for now*/

Does this mean that the VM won't handle multibyte chars?

I'm looking into it too, thanks for the helpful advice and cooperation


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