[Vm-dev] Regarding TestOSAPlugin & Applescript

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Mon May 7 01:05:50 UTC 2007

On 6-May-07, at 4:54 PM, Ken G. Brown wrote:

> On a slightly related topic, do you think it would be worthwhile  
> going though the plugins and make the names more consistent with  
> the convention? I'm not sure exactly all that is involved but  
> perhaps some cleanup would improve things for the future?

We considered doing this several years ago - probably when I first  
wrote VMMaker - but it would mean changing quite a few methods in the  
image and breaking backward compatability, so we decided against it.  
I do think it would be a good idea at some point but that whole  
'making a new image with loads of stuff changed and to hell with back- 
compat' meme seems to make people scream in terror.

> I was rooting around everywhere learning where things happened and  
> it being the first time through, I was initially confused by the  
> following:
> internal plugin B3DEnginePlugin generated as Squeak3D
> internal plugin BalloonEnginePlugin generated as B2DPlugin
> internal plugin BitBltSimulation generated as BitBltPlugin
> internal plugin DSAPlugin generated as DSAPrims
> internal plugin DeflatePlugin generated as ZipPlugin
> internal plugin FFIPlugin generated as SqueakFFIPrims
> internal plugin KlattSynthesizerPlugin generated as Klatt
> internal plugin LargeIntegersPlugin generated as LargeIntegers
> The rest seem to have matching names and folders everywhere.
You'll find the name defaults to the same as the implementation  
class's name unless overridden by (I think) #pluginName. Best  
compromise we could come up with at the time.

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