[Vm-dev] Windows VM update (IPv6; single instance)

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Sat Mar 28 07:15:52 UTC 2009

Folks -

I just finished another Windows VM update with two major new features:

1) Support for IPv6 (contributed by Michael Rueger). This hasn't been 
widely tested, so feedback and improvements are welcome. You'll need 
additional Socket code which is posted here:


2) Support for running only a single instance of the VM for application 
deployment. The behavior is similar to the Mac: When the app is launched 
a second time, the first instance will be activated. Moreover, if the 
app was launched by double-clicking a file associated with the app, it 
will be delivered via a simulated drop event (this is consistent with 
the Mac VM). The feature is controlled by two .ini file settings (see 

* RunSingleApp: When non-zero, only one instance of the VM will be run. 
A second attempt to launch the app will cause the first instance to be 
activated. When double-clicking on a file associated with the VM, the 
document file will be delivered as drop event to the running instance. 
This is consistent with the Mac behavior when trying to launch multiple 
documents with the same VM.

* WindowClassName: The name for the window class to be used by the VM 
(something like "MyAppMainWindowClass"). The VM will only consider 
windows with this class name when determining whether the app already 
runs or not. This allows the VM to disambiguate different applications 
using the Squeak VM.

As usual, the VM is available here:


   - Andreas

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