[Vm-dev] AMD64 VM on FreeBSD?

David Graham dgraham at unthinkable.org
Tue Jun 7 02:34:46 UTC 2011

> Thank you David. Yes, we use it for hosting websites too.
> I did use sysinstall, did post-install configuration of FreeBSD,
> installed additional distribution sets, then i did 32-bit runtime
> compatibility libraries. It did install a lot of stuf, including in
> /usr/lib32
> Finally I did: ldconfig -32 /usr/lib32. I also checked the /etc/rc.conf
> and the /defaults/etc/rc.conf settings to see if the 32 libraries were
> in the paths.
> Is that what you meant with "install the 32bit compatibility libraries
> from base" ?

Yes, that's correct.  It was a few months ago, but IIRC, I didn't need 
to run ldconfig or update paths on my server to make it work.

> I had tested you older version cogvm-2373-freebsd-i386 befor, and tried
> the new one tooe\, but like all vm's it is not working.
> I have a new error now, truncated ELF file. And then again the ELF
> interprete error i had before:
> elf_load_section: truncated ELF file
> ELF interpreter /libexec/ld-elf.so.1 not found
> Abort
> Thanks for the help.
> Lawson

Are you running a custom kernel by chance?  Is there anything unique 
about your install?

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