[Vm-dev] Issue 127 in cog: Generate libraries with the .so extension

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Wed Apr 17 16:50:23 UTC 2013

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New issue 127 by damien.c... at gmail.com: Generate libraries with the .so  

Currently the build script generates vm-source-ALSA, vm-display-X11 and  
other files like this without any extension. However, all the unix systems  
I've heard of consider the extension as standard. Wikipedia says " In  
Unix-like operating systems using ELF, dynamically-loaded shared libraries  
can be identified by the filename suffix .so (shared object)." Solaris also  
uses this extension  
http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E26505_01/html/816-5165/ld.so.1-1.html. There is  
also this page which says that "In most modern Unix-like systems [...] the  
filenames always start with lib, and end with .a (archive, static library)  
or .so (shared object, dynamically linked library)".  

So I guess the vm-* files must have the .so extension. Currently, I have to  
maintain a script that adds these extensions because they are required by  
the tools I use:  

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