[Vm-dev] Mac VM Maintainer resignation (for the general purpose VM, not for PharoVM)

Casey Ransberger casey.obrien.r at gmail.com
Sat Oct 19 08:01:12 UTC 2013

(CC squeak-dev, this concerns many people there too.)

Thanks Esteban, I know how this stuff goes.

So we're without a maintainer on the Macintosh platform, and I assume that
also means iOS (where we're unwanted anyway, so no big loss there.)

I've been thinking about switching to Android anyway; at least if one buys
the Google branded device, we can sideload Squeak and Etoys and Scratch.
Unless Apple wants to step up... the obvious strategy is to walk away from

I use Macs, as a preference. Most of my life, warm fuzzy feelings about
Macs. I'd like to keep Squeak working on Macs, so I can keep using Squeak.
Unfortunately, I'm in a particular position wherein I can't make any
guarantee about my availability. I have to find a job, and I don't know
what this hypothetical job will allow me to do in the open source arena
yet, or how many hours I'd be expected to work at the hypothetical job (and
let's not shit ourselves, it's really mostly all of them every time.)

It doesn't help that the MagSafe (TM) jack on my laptop is failing. Since
it doesn't have a replaceable battery, and I have trouble charging it, I
can't even assure that I'd have a Mac to compile the thing on. Still: lots
of people use Macs. John's VM has bells and whistles like you wouldn't
believe, coming from other platforms. It's a work of art. I've used Squeak
on all of the major platforms and I've got to say that the best experience
_barre none_ has been on the Mac. John's platform logic.

Anyway I can't commit to anything right now, I really have to find a job,
but as long as there's blood in my veins, a modern Mac in front of me, and
time to try it, I'll see what I can do to keep us working on the Mac. But I
recommend that no one depend on that as a promise, it isn't really, because
if you read it clearly: it's a long shot for me at best.

Macintosh users: begin building VMs daily. *Now.* Let's keep this thing


On Fri, Oct 18, 2013 at 10:47 AM, David T. Lewis <lewis at mail.msen.com>wrote:

> Esteban,
> Thank you very much for your contributions, and thank you also for
> clarifying your position. I know there is much more that you will be
> contributing to our community at large and I appreciate what you have done
> so far.
> Dave
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > This is an announce for VM-dev and Squeak-dev list, Pharo-dev list is
> copy
> > to keep people informed.
> >
> > Last years I tried to keep a working version of the Mac builds of VM
> while
> > at the same time trying to keep my job going. It was a hard work but I
> did
> > my best.
> > When I assumed the responsibility I said that my first task was going to
> > be to automatize the builds and at the same time Igor was doing the same
> > so I joined that effort. Since then the VM is buildable even by the not
> so
> > good at VM level and I never seen the point in keeping the manual build
> or
> > the non-smalltalk-generated configuration files.
> > Nevertheless, I preferred to work on the new builds of Eliot than in the
> > old interpreter and when keeping all working became more work that what I
> > could manage, I choose to keep Stack and Cog VM working.
> >
> > Maybe because of that, or because the animosity between communities, or
> > because what I'm doing just does not match Squeak vision, or because
> since
> > Eliot is providing regular builds mine are not needed, truth is that I've
> > seen my work mostly ignored in squeak community and for some of the
> people
> > in vm-dev list.
> >
> > That's why I resign as a maintainer. I have a process that does not match
> > squeak vision and is fair for squeak community to look for someone who
> > does.
> >
> > I have no bad feelings, I'm complete grateful to the community for give
> me
> > the opportunity  (specially to John, who thrusted me) and to all the
> rest.
> >
> > I also know that there is great people both in vm-dev and in squeak-dev,
> > but I cannot your mac-guy anymore (and I think this is obvious since
> > ever).
> >
> > And of course I will continue working in the pharo flavor of VM :)
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Esteban
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