[Vm-dev] FileHandleTest>>#testTruncate Pharo test case for FilePlugin/ CogVM on 64bit linux

Markus Fritsche mfritsche at reauktion.de
Mon Jul 2 07:11:16 UTC 2018

The above test fails for me. The assert fails since the result of handle 
size is 5, not 3 as expected. I tested on 32 bit Windows, 32 bit Linux 
(ext4) and 64 bit Linux (btrfs), and only the 64 bit version fails. 

As by 

- a file descriptor needs to be flushed before being truncated. It seems 
to be coincidence that this has worked on 32 bit systems. 

The FilePlugin doesn't do that. Should the FileHandle class be changed 
for this, the Plugin code, or is the test invalid? 

Kind regards 

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