[Vm-dev] musing on StackInterpreter FreeRTOS VM target

Ben Coman btc at openinworld.com
Thu Jul 12 11:35:41 UTC 2018

Just sharing something thats been circling my head for a while
about a possible OpenSmalltalk based IoT platform.

Many micro-controllers support FreeRTOS
including the ARMv7
and the ESP32 (based on Cadence's Tensilica Xtensa LX6)

Of particular interest is Amazon's adoption of FreeRTOS
and its change of license from GPLv2 to MIT.

If a "thing" is not doing graphics, then the StackInterpreter may be
sufficient for many IoT applications. Having a FreeRTOS build target
for the StackInterpreter
might open the opportunity to have our Images running as the *only* application
on a wide variety of embedded systems.  A tight Edit-Compile-Run-Debug
cycle using the TelePharo remote tools might be very compelling versus
the usual Edit-Compile-Download-Boot-Run-BlindGuessDebug cycle.

I'd expect interest that starts with the hobby-maker community,
might later extend into the lucrative industrial control market
in competition with traditional PLCs.

Maybe getting the StackInterpreter running on a new platform
could make a good advanced-student project?

For starters, there seems a simulator here (I haven't used it)

which raises one question...
I understand the VM has a problem with some simulators
but is that more a problem for the JIT part of Cog than the StackInterpreter?

cheers -ben

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