[Newbies] MC conversion case study (How would I ...)

Jerome Peace peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 11 03:06:17 UTC 2007

I've not been using MC1 in a while.

And mere curiosity has me wondering how to turn a game
application from a well packaged snapshot into an mcz
package and then how to turn it back into a well
packaged snapshot again.

The game for this exercise is dicewars.

The exercise is for learning only and to satisfy my
curiosity (as always).

The game is one of those available for the oplc. 

Small projects for Squeak on the $100 laptop page at:


It runs on 3.9 and 3.10 (7121) as well as the oplc
image and presumably 3.8.

It is a nice game and I have enjoyed playing it.

So to play it requires being downloaded.
Then gunziped. from .gz format. 
Then drag and drop the .st file onto a open squeak
Select the first option (load into a separate change

Get a new Objects tool from the world menu>>objects...
There will be a games button and a red die will be
there for you to select. Bringing up the game.

However for this exercise we are not here to play the
game but to findout how to save it as a MC object. 

And here's where I'm stuck.

I can bring up a MC browser. But it contains no info
on the DiceWars system catagory.

What is available to me to inform MC that I now want
this to be a MC package?

What's the most elegant way to do this?

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace

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