[Newbies] do it, print it, inspect it, explore it, debug it missing from workspace menu

subbukk subbukk at gmail.com
Sat May 19 16:09:50 UTC 2007

On Saturday 19 May 2007 5:50 pm, Mike Stramba wrote:
> Hi Subbu,
> Thanks for the great tips ! .. and for taking an interest.
You are welcome. I am glad you found them helpful.

> For example, I've been also playing with Ruby / Ruby on Rails, and ..
> ....
> You sound like you've been programming with Smalltalk for awhile :)   I've
> done some programming with a lot of languages but I'm not a real "hard
> core" programmer.
I started using Squeak only a few months back, though I have been in systems 
and network programming for over two decades. The learning curve in Squeak is 
a bit steep because of two reasons a) it is not just an IDE but a whole 
computing env (like GNU/Linux) and, b) It suffers from extreme monoculture - 
it is 100% Smalltalk. So frameworks take much longer to develop and get into 
the basic image.

But once you get past the initial misdirections and hurdles, it is a nice 
environment to "think" in.

> Have you done anything with Seaside / web/remote programming in general?
> Have you used SeasideHosting  (www.seasidehosting.st) ?
So far, I haven't strayed much beyond the core classes and Morphic in Squeak, 
so I am afraid I can't help you much. But there are many others in its 
mailing list who could help you out.

Enjoy .. Subbu

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