[Newbies] more Squeak exploring and Dolphin, Magma, Omnibase

Mike Stramba mstramba at sympatico.ca
Sun May 20 15:55:08 UTC 2007

Hi Subbu,

I'm plowing along in the Smalltalk / Squeak .. and now Dolphin jungle :)


If you haven't heard of it, they have a really nice free version with very 
good DOCUMENTATION, that I've been using along with Squeak to try to get up 
to speed.

I've been trying to figure out Magma and Omnibase in Squeak, as I'm trying 
to get database connectivity working.    Have you done anything with 
databases in Squeak?   I'm very frustrated with the lack of docs for both of 
those db, about to look for other ones or more info on maybe the Squeak 
mailing list.

Dolphin has a nice implemantion of  WELL DOCUMENTED api's for database 
connectivity that works out the box.  I have it working with ODBC -> mdb 
(access databases), but am having a problem with MYSQL ... something to do 
with my user / host combination.  I can connect fine through comand line 
tools or PHP scripts, but the Dolphin stuff seems to be adding my "real" 
host (i.e. "internet connection" instead of localhost.   Any idea of what 
the problem might be ?



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