[Newbies] Quinto game in SBE

Oscar Nierstrasz oscar.nierstrasz at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 18:14:22 UTC 2007

Hi David,

I made a note to underline this for the next edition.  It *is* stated  
prominently at the beginning of the Quick Start chapter, but I guess  
the chapters should be more independent of each other for the Quicker  

Thanks for the feedback!


On Sep 24, 2007, at 19:10, David Corking wrote:

> In 2007,  many people's introduction to Squeak may be with an image
> derived from 3.8 (*).  So I wonder if the book should not mention this
> patch prominently at the start of the First Application chapter.
> By the way, I probably learned a lot about Squeak by wrestling with
> this for a while this weekend without access to internet or a 3.9
> image :)

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