[Newbies] report / graph generator

David Finlayson dfinlayson at usgs.gov
Mon Mar 31 15:18:43 UTC 2008

Danny -

I am learning squeak for exactly the same reasons.

Up until a month or so ago, I did all my data analysis in C programs.
A funny thing happened when my workstation was upgraded to an 8-core
machine: my programs became I/O bound at a work load of 2 to 3 (ideal
would be 8). My CPUs are way faster than my disk drives. This
situation got me thinking about going back to dynamic languages since
I've got plenty of cycles to burn on this new computer. Why not
Python? Why not Smalltalk?

I have all the usual reservations about Squeak/Smalltalk. Does Squeak
have the libraries to develop data analysis programs? Will it fit in
to our existing infrastructure? Will people except and use software
tools written in Squeak? Will I be able to share my code with
colleagues? Not sure about the answers to any of these questions.

Right now I am just working my way through the books and tutorials to
get a feel for the language and Squeak environment.



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