[Newbies] squeak locks up on windows / now with Croquet, similar but different problem...

Cameron Sanders csanders.personal at functional-analyst.com
Sun Jan 11 23:59:01 UTC 2009

Herbert Koenig writes:
HK> this is getting real crazy now.

Yep. This loss of the root world menu (and in some cases, the loss of all
interaction with objects on the world) makes the system unusable. Hopefully
I will get these issues figured out soon... because I really need to get
back to actual production coding. One month ago I was hopeful that Squeak
would be the platform I use for the next few years... but unless I have some
miracle break-through in the next few days, I will have to move on. [Sadly,
after so many problems, I am hesitant to do any prototyping in squeak... for
fear it will be lost time.]

By the way, I wrote:
CS> world/morph window is not popping up. 

But I should have said: world/morph "menu" is not popping up.

HK> In case it doesn't, alt K should open a workspace there you type:
World putUpWorldMenuFromEscapeKey
and doIt.

Thank you, that helps me get oriented, and gives me something concrete to
try. In this (last) case where the mouse buttons would not raise a menu, the
escape key did. However, the menu just disappeared without effect when I
clicked it, and no mouse-over visual effects before clicking. 

Next time I will try to raise a menu via code, as you have shown me.

HK> Maybe you need to set your display depth to Window's display depth.
World menu, appearence, set display depth.

I will check this particular image, but so far these have all been set to 32

> And you should look at your virus scanner.

Hmmm... an interesting thought. Is there some known bug?

CS> Any tips for the easiest way to re-attach the world menus, should I ever
CS> in a position to shout?

HK> My Denglisch (german english) can't parse that :-))

You already covered how to bring up the world menu via code. Here I am
asking how to re-bind the base menus (on mouse click events)? (Assuming the
menus exist in code -- I understand how things evolve in smalltalk.) I will
peruse the code more.

A version of the workspace is called Shout (as I understand it)... and so I
simply meant that "if I can bring up a workspace".

Cheers is right. Thanks for some direction!

I attached gdb (gnu debugger) to the process of squeak in the case where the
world was not responding to mouse or keyboard inputs (even though the
window-frame menu could effect the console), but I did not know what
functions to watch for. If someone could have told me to "see if
XxxEventHandlerPassthroughYyyy() is ever called", or something, I could have
done it. As it was, I would "step 1000", for example, check the stack, and
very often it was in a GC function, although not always.

Should I generate the VM code and get oriented with it, or is the outer-most
morphic world (instance) created through a dll or something that does not
require specific code in the VM? Also, I'm wondering what signals it will
respond to -- perhaps I can add a few back-door debugger launchers.

Ugh... so much to learn, and so little time.

Thanks again!

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